YouTube Videos for Customers - Grow with Google Partner Digital Series Livestream

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Join us Thursday, June 24 at noon for the live-streamed Digital Partner Series event, Create YouTube Videos That Attract New Customers!

Please click here to register via Grow with Google.

Video is one of the most powerful tools that small businesses can use  to reach more customers and inspire them to purchase. Whether  you’re thinking about making your first DIY video, or cranking out your  20th video, there are creative styles, techniques and best practices  that anyone can learn to create more compelling content.  

In this special creative workshop hosted by YouTube and Grow with  Google, we’ll review a few different styles, hear from a few experts,  and get you started on the way to shooting an engaging video to  beautifully showcase your product, your business, and even you! 

Audience: Small businesses and New entrepreneurs 

Products/Skills Covered: YouTube 

Please contact EJ at with any questions!