Tale of the Tail of a Humpback Whale - Summer Reading Club Event

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This program is part of our 2021 Summer Reading Club, "Tails and Tales."

Registration is required so that we may send you the Zoom link.  The presenter's description is below:

This year's summer reading theme could not be more fitting for The Whalemobile! This 1-hour virtual program will be a tale about one of my favorite humpback whales--Nile. She was born in 1987, and I have seen her almost every year that I have been whale watching since 1994! I'll share why she is my favorite, how scientists study humpbacks (by the patterns on their tails), and what we have learned. We will also "virtually" go inside the life-sized model of Nile to learn about how humans and whales are similar!


Have you ever seen the tail of a whale?
The black and white patterns beneath the tail.

Every humpback’s pattern is unique
And to many it looks like Ancient Greek.

But for scientists, we tell them apart
And many of them have stolen our hearts

Meet Nile, my favorite, join me and see
How fascinating humpback whales can be!


More information is available at https://thewhalemobile.com/.